Princeton University
Graduate Housing

Princeton, NJ

Master Planning
175,000 SF

Vojislav Ristić
(Design Consultant in collaboration with Michael Mostoller Architect)

Lawrence Graduate Apartments is an extension of the existing graduate apartments built in the seventies. Seven buildings are clustered around two courtyards. Courtyard was selected as one of the constantly repeating themes on the plan of the Princeton University Campus. The parking was placed on the perimeter so the courtyards would provide for a peaceful pedestrian environment.

Buildings are assembled around one standard module / cluster of studio, one, and two bedroom apartments. The module is then stacked up into three, five and six story buildings. Three story buildings have load bearing walls, five and six stories have a light steel frame. Facades facing the courtyards are covered with roman size brick; perimeter facades are finished in EIFS. The entire complex is heated by harvesting geothermal energy.

One module is a community room for small events and gatherings, laundry facilities and a fitness room. A playground is located in between two courtyards forming its own little quiet node separated from the main walking axes. Walkways are positioned as close as possible to the buildings in order to maximize green surface in the middle.