Architecture Record
Building Types Study, Adaptive Reuse: Synygy World Headquarters, June 2007
“This sensitive reuse not only preserves an elegant historic building but also works to revitalize the Chester waterfront. The new architectural insertions celebrate the dominant market force and technology of the 21st century information technology, while creating a dialogue with the Beaux Arts classicism of the early 20th-century container.” (Architectural Record, June 2007)

Architectural Record
“A Revered Jeffersonian Landmark Renewed”, the Virginia Capitol Extension,
June 2007

“To provide space for visitors, exhibitions, and additional meeting rooms for the legislature, the architect designed an underground expansion. The public enters the expanded facilities at the southern edge of the existing building’s ground, known as Capitol Square. To reach the historic structure, visitors travel through gradually ascending spaces, to a connecting rotunda. Realization of the scheme did not require underpinning the existing foundations-a risky and expensive process.”(Solomon, Nancy B. “A Revered Jeffersonian Landmark Renewed” Architectural Record, June 2007)

Car Body Design Automotive Design & Engineering
“The Architecture of automobile and building design: learning from 100 years of parallel processes”, 2007
”Looking at how various design concepts and objectives have been used in parallel between automobile and building designers is interesting and helpful to designers of both. Each can learn a great deal from the other. Work by some contemporary architects illustrates how this has occurred and how it might be furthered in the interest of improving the quality of future architecture.” (Ristić, Vojislav. “The Architecture of automobile and building design: learning from 100 years of parallel processes” Car Body Design, 2007)

Style Weekly
“A Timeless Achievement”, An Architectural Critique of Jefferson’s New Capitol,
May 2007

“Sonja Bijelić, a Hillier associate principal, designed the extension...extension is very different from the original structure, but like Jefferson, Hillier employed bold ideas, used good proportions, was spearing on decorations and used the best materials and technology available” (Slipek, Edwin. “Under The Surface” Style Weekly, May 2007)

Building Design and Construction
“Jefferson Would Be Proud”, Gold Reconstruction Award, the Virginia Capitol Extension, 2007
“Extensive testing of materials, historic research, and delicate construction coordination went into the restoration and expansion of the nation’s oldest continuously operating capitol building, originally designed by our third president” (Horwitz-Bennett, Barbara. “Jefferson Would Be Proud” Building Design and Construction, 2007)

Inform Architecture + Design
“Classical Revival”, the Virginia Capitol Extension, 2007
“Sonja Bijelić, architect for the addition,...extension demonstrates tasteful restraint where appropriate and innovative intervention as needed.”(Richards, William. “Classical Revival” Inform, 2007)

The Temple News
“Renovating a landmark”, Temple Performing Arts Center, September 2007
“Our main goal is to keep the beauty as much as possible, especially the back window, and to create a really modern environment,” said Sonja Bijelić, associate principal of RMJM.” (Benesby, Sam.”Renovating a landmark” The Temple News, September 2007)

Urban Land
“Old Electric Plant Becomes High-Tech Office Hub”, Synygy World Headquarters,
Nov/Dec 2006

“The Chester Waterside Station, a coal-fired electric power plant on the banks of the Delaware River in Chester, Pennsylvania, has been given new life as an office building with anchor tenant Synygy, Inc., a software company.” (Riggs, Trisha. “Old Electric Plant Becomes High-Tech Office Hub” Urban Land, Nov/Dec 2006)

Interior Design Magazine
“Power House”, Synygy World Headquarters, June 2006
“We kept the existing industrial elements as intact as possible, to celebrate them, and left gaps between old and new”, associate principal Sonja Bijelić says. In their time, turbines were very high-tech”, Bijelić says “In a similar way, we put on display the high-tech information management that’s the core of Synygy’s work.” (Komarnicki, Kristyn. “Power House” Interior Magazine, June 2006)

Real Estate Weekly
“Old Buildings Finding New Use Through Adaptive Reuse”, April, 2006
“At first glance, historic buildings may seem ill-suited to meet the demands of modern businesses that are dependent on technology. But architects and interior designers have found ingenious ways o marry the old and new.” (Bijelić, Sonja. “Old buildings finding new use through adaptive reuse” Real Estate Weekly, April 2006)

Building Design & Construction
“Power Play”, Grand Award – Synygy World Headquarters, October 2005
“The task before...Sonja Bijelić was hardly trivial – to create a high-tech 21th-century office environment within a structure that was more 19th-century than 20th.” (Rathman,Charles. “Power play” Building design and Construction, October 2005)

The Philadelphia Inquirer
“Rebooted and Recharged”, Synygy World Headquarters, July 2005
“Architect Sonja Bijelić came up with the eureka idea for 240-foot-long Turbine Hall...In place of those mighty steel turbines, there now stands a pair of glowing trapezoidal structures as delicate as a Japanese shrine...placing the server room at the center of the great hall also gives the new architecture an unexpected poetic resonance.” (Saffron, Inga. “Rebooted and recharged” The Philadelphia Inquirer, July 2005)

College Planning and Management
“Libraries: Renovation and Design”, Library at Community College of Philadelphia, January 1998
“The renovation of Community College’s library, located in the historic U.S Mint Building, considerable increased the size of the library by adding a mezzanine. ...The plan recognized the space so that it now makes the most of the electronic resources that were also upgraded and expended”.

Playhouse in Amsterdam
OISTAT Nederland, International Idea Competition, Catalogue entry exhibited and published, 1987
Entry #6 by Vojislav Ristić

Greek Film
Sava Center, Belgrade, 1986
Sonja Bijelić, Graphic Design

GUP Pljevlja
Study for Environmental Protection of Natural and Built Environments, United Nations Program for Development, Yugoslav Institute for Town Planning and Housing, Belgrade, 1985
Vojislav Ristić, Architect

Lajkovac Town Plan
Yugoslav Institute for Town Planning and Housing, Belgrade, 1985
Vojislav Ristić, Architect

Lajkovac, Today Tomorrow
Yugoslav Institute for Town Planning and Housing, Belgrade, 1985
Vojislav Ristić, Architect

Wim Wenders
Sava Center with German Cultural Center, Belgrade, 1985
Sonja Bijelić, Graphic Design

Contemporary French Cinematography
Sava Center with French Embassy Culture Service, Belgrade, 1985
Sonja Bijelić, Graphic Design

Hungarian Cinematography
Sava Center, Belgrade, 1984
Sonja Bijelić, Graphic Design